OutDoor Adventures

Let us enjoy the nature, move our bodies, get out of the city and enjoy the Adrenaline rush!! 

Happy Stomach

Food Tours

Let us indulge in an a new food experiences in dessert competition and cooking classes, let us make food, let us eat food

Fun Energy

Sports Tours

Let us play sports, enjoy new experiences and learn new ways for controlling our bodies


Cultural Introduction

Let us learn about the history, visit the museums understand the religious heritage, discuss our identities and do much more…

Financially Productive

Business Oriented Tours

Let us understand the opportunities that is available in different sectors, maybe building a new business…. 

Must See City SPOTS

AttrActions Tours

If you visit a new city and you did not visit the famous attractions, it is like you missed the most visible part. Let us visit the famous attractions!! 

Just SOmething Fun

Let Us HAVE FUN... Experiences

In Life there are plenty of things that we do just to have fun, whether it is trying a new musical instrument, playing a board game or just role play..

Something BEautiful

ART and Talents Tour

Sometimes, you just want to get a grasp of the cultural vibe by listening to local talents and enjoying local art…

Only in Amman

Amman Unique Tours

Do Local Experiences that can only be done in Amman. 

Enligthmentment tours


Sometimes we do not know that something exist, except if we have seen a friend using it or heard about it…. but can we be active shoppers 🙂 

Festival and Ceremonies


Sometimes the only thing that brings you to a certain city, is a famous conference, trade show or festival.